Helping Girls Pee Outside: Tips + VIDEOS

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In principle, peeing outside isn’t difficult, right? I mean, women have been doing it for thousands of years. The reality? It’s much harder than it looks.

While men make it look easy, most women and girls are never TAUGHT to pee outside, so they end up doing it the WRONG WAY.

I know what you’re thinking…”Is there really a wrong way to pee?”

Yes, there is. Let’s just say that if you’re off balance, get pee on your pants or shoes, or anything else uncomfortable, you’re doing things the wrong way.

forest service outhouse

Here I’ll show you how to pee outside for women and how to teach girls to pee outside. I made this video showing how girls pee outside when my daughter was a toddler and it’s been wildly successful in helping to teach girls to pee outside, and I hope it’s helpful for you as well.

How To Get Little Girls To Pee Outside?

Kids need practice to do something new, and that includes practice peeing outside. Even little boys need practice to pee outside. When my kids are in the potty training phase, we start teaching them all how to pee outside. This is usually in the bushes in our backyard, and we let both our sons and daughter practice peeing outside.

If you are expecting that your daughter will know how to pee outside naturally on her first campgn trip, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

TIP: Some kids are even uncomfortable using an outhouse to make sure to practice using one before you take them camping.

Squatting Styles For Outside Peeing Girls

little girl squatting outside

Traditional Squat

This is the most common way for women to pee in the woods.

Pull your pants down and pull the legs of your pants up (to avoid splatter). Your feet should be at least should width apart and you will squat all the way down until your thighs rest on your calves. Balance on the balls of your feet until you fee stable. Once you’re stable, relax and do your thing.

Assisted Pee Squat

Some girls have a hard time getting comfortable squatting on their own, so they’ll need a little bit of help. Stand in front of them and hold them by the armpits while they squat.

For older girls who want more privacy, show them how to hold onto a tree in front of them, hug the tree for support and then squat back.

Things To consider for Pee Outside Girls

woman squatting outside

First of all, make sure that you are well away from any water sources. This includes streams, lakes, and even puddles. You don’t want to contaminate any water sources with your urine. Make sure you’re at least 100 yards from any water source.

Second, if you are in an area where there are other people around, make sure that you are downwind from them. Nobody wants to smell your pee or see you with your pants down!

Third, make sure to have the necessary supplies. This includes toilet paper or a pee rag, a shovel to dig a cat hole (to bury TP or poop) or a small bag to carry out used TP (ziploc sandwich bags work great).

Finally, be aware of your surroundings and make sure that there is nothing in the way that could cause you to fall or stumble. Just trust me on this one!

Tips For Girls Peeing Outside:

The wider your legs are and the lower you squat, the more stable you’ll be.
Avoid peeing in the wind. If it’s windy, squat behind a boulder to minimize sprayed pee.
For less splatter, have your feet up on rocks or logs OR pee into a hole.

Best Female Urination Devices

She Wee Girls Pee Funnel for Little Girls

This is our favorite pee funnel for little girls. It’s easy to position and hold in the correct place when you’re helping little ones to pee outside. We love that there’s a broad opening at the top and that the funnel can extend extra far.

Girls will love that it comes in 10 different colors so they can choose their favorite color to make peeing outside a little more comfortable. This pee funnel has it’s own storage case and is great for helping little girls to pee outside (all women peeing outside too).

P Style Pee Funnel For Girls

The pStyle is a plastic gadget that allows women to urinate standing up without undressing. It’s a straightforward design that works wonderfully. The pStyle is readily handled because it is constructed of sturdy plastic and precisely positioned due to it’s rigid plastic. The rigid plastic is one of the best features of this girls urination device, since it stays solid and doesn’t collapse when you’re positioning it.

There are no drips because the curved rear edge is used to wipe with! The pStyle may be cleaned using water or wet wipes, or it can be shaken and washed after using. It is also safe to clean in the dishwasher if you’re brave enough to put it in there.

PiBella Womens Urination Device

The PiBella may look simple, and that’s why it’s so great. Upon opening it, you’ll think that you just purchased a giant straw, but the simplicity is part of what makes it so great. This girls pee funnel is remarkably easy to position and has a smaller chance of leaking once you know how to use it.

It can be easily wiped clean and comes in it’s own storage bag for easy travel. This girls urination device works best when used independantly, not for a parent helping a child.

Tips For Using A Girls Pee Funnel

The most important thing that you can do when using a female pee funnel is lots of practice. Practice at home in the bathroom, practice in the backyard (where your neighbors can’t see), or even practice in an outhouse. Whatever you do, don’t try using a pee funnel for girls for the first time when you’re out on a camping trip. You might accidently pee on yourself or your clothes, so it’s best to practice pee funnel use when you have easy access to a shower or clean clothes.

Is It Okay For Girls To Pee Outside?

One of the questions that I am often asked is whether it is okay for girls to pee outside. It’s something that many girls are uncomfortable with because they don’t have a lot of experience with girls peeing outside.

In fact, many girls actually prefer to pee outside because it can be more comfortable than going inside a bathroom (and often cleaner than a nasty trailhead outhouse). There are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are going to be peeing outside though.