25 Creative S’mores Combinations for Camping with Kids

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During the summer months, s’mores could almost be considered a food group in our family.  We have a massive stash of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows that we break out at any occasion that’s even remotely special.  It’s just about the easiest dessert that you can put together AND it also involves an activity so it keeps the kids entertained as well. 

While we used to just reserve s’mores for camping, now that we have a backyard firepit, we are constantly looking for excuses to eat s’more with kids all the time!

family roasting marshmallows

We used to be good and just eat s’mores while we were camping.  I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite.  I tell families all the time that if they want their kids to sleep better while camping, that they should probably skip the s’mores, yet here I am, making campfire s’mores with the kids as soon as we get a fire going on our family camping trip.  In my defense, I do work EXTRA HARD making my kids tired on our family campouts in hopes that sheer fatigue will outweigh the large amounts of sugar we feed them right before bedtime.  

family fire roasting marshmallows

Things didn’t used to be this way.  In fact, there was a period of time, where I’d conveniently “forget” to pack all the ingredients for camping s’mores.  The reason?  I was in a rut.  The simple combination of Graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate no longer excited me.  S’mores were a boring dessert (I seriously can’t even believe I ever thought this).

Thankfully, a camping trip with some friends remedied this situation for me.  They brought and entire s’mores bar for us to choose our toppings from, and my life was literally CHANGED!  There were Reese’s cups, Nutella, multiple kinds of graham crackers, and even fruit.  This was all it took to cure me of my camping s’mores avoidance.

Soon, we learned that a s’more was something to be celebrated with, and not just thrown out at the end of the day.  

How Can I Simplify S’more Making With Kids

The easiest s’mores to make with young kids are Fudge Ripple S’mores.  SImply roast a marshmallow and sandwich it between two fudge stripe cookies.  No waiting for the chocolate to melt, no breaking apart chunks of graham cracker and chocolate – just grab the cookies for s’mores and GO.  This is so easy that my 3-year-old can make his own, so it’s a serious win in my book.  

young girl eating smores

This is the easy s’more combination that I grab when we’re in a rush, or we’re just heading camping for a night or two and want to make really simple s’mores.  

Truth be told, I’m also very guilty of giving these to my younger kids, putting them to bed, and then saving the more gourmet s’more ingredients for the older kids and adults.  Actually, there’s no guilt involved.  When I take kids camping, I work REALLY HARD, so I look at this as my little reward at the end of the day!

little boy eating smores

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What Are The Best Roasting Sticks For Making S’mores

Growing up, making s’mores meant taking our pocket knife into the woods, and cutting a green stick off a tree for roasting marshmallows.  And while I’m all about teaching kids to use a knife well, it isn’t always practical or sustainable, and we try to only use sticks in an emergency (like when mom forgets the marshmallow roasting sticks – that’s an emergency). 

little boy roasting marshmallows on a stick

When we had kids, we bought a few of these giant marshmallow roasters for super cheap at Walmart.  They’re ridiculously sturdy, and have an extra long reach so that the kids were a safe distance away from the fire while roasting marshmallows.  The only problem with them is that they’re really long and can be kind of awkward to pack.

Then my mind got completely blown when we found these telescoping marshmallow roasters.  They fold down crazy small, but also extend just as far as my beloved Walmart roasters.  GAME CHANGER!  They also come in a big variety of colors, so each kid has their own color and now I know exactly who left a sticky roaster in the dirt. Now, these are the best marshmallow roasting sticks that we always want to use while camping.  

What Chocolate Works Best For S’mores

The best chocolate for s’mores is milk chocolate.  Dark chocolate doesn’t melt well, so unless you’re going for a specific flavor combination (like our Death By Chocolate S’more), then opt for milk chocolate for s’mores.  

Which Marshmallows Work Best For S’mores

While it may be tempting to get giant oversized marshmallows for kids camping s’mores, resist the urge.  While those marshmallows are great for roasting alone, they’re just too big to balance the rest of the ingredients in a s’more.  To make a s’more, just get regular large sized marshmallows, though my kids are convinced that Jet Puff marshmallows are the best marshmallows for making s’mores.  

family campfire

Can I Make A Healthy S’more?

Absolutely.  Just because s’mores taste amazing doesn’t mean they have to be horrible for you.  Try these gluten free graham crackers for s’mores as well as these zero sugar and low carb marshmallows for s’mores.  Pair these with some strawberries, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Best S’mores Combinations for Camping With Kids

Be the hero of your next camping trip by bringing the kids s’mores ingredients. We’ve got suggestions below to make your kids camping s’mores as simple or complex as you want, turning this classic into a treat the whole family will be begging for.

mint oreo smore

Classic S’mores

Graham Cracker – Milk Chocolate – Marshmallow

Fudge Ripple S’mores

Fudge Stripe Cookie – Marshmallow

Thin Mint S’mores

Graham Crackers – Andes Mint Chocolate – Marshmallow

Tropical S’mores

Graham Cracker – White Chocolate – Grilled Pineapple – Toasted Coconut – Marshmallow

Moose Tracks S’mores

Chocolate Graham Crackers – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – Caramel Square – Marshmallow

Peanut Butter Lover S’mores

Graham Crackers – Peanut Butter Cup – Marshmallow

Chocolate Chip S’mores

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Milk Chocolate – Marshmallow


Oreo Cookie – Chocolate – Marshmallow (we also love these with Mint Oreos)

Nutella S’more

Graham Cracker – Nutella – Marshmallow

Strawberry Cheesecake S’mores

Graham Crackers – Whipped Cream Cheese – Strawberry Jam – Marshmallow

German Chocolate Cake S’mores

Graham Cracker – Mounds Candy Bar – Marshmallow

Lemon Meringue Pie S’more

Graham Cracker – Lemon CUrd – Marshmallow

Chunky Monkey S’more

Graham Cracker – Banana – Nutella – Marshmallow

Cookie Butter S’more

Graham Cracker – Cookie Butter – Marshmallow

PB + J S’mores

Graham Cracker – Peanut Butter – Strawberry Jam – Marshmallow

Nutty Buddy S’mores

Graham Cracker – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – Peanut Butter – Nutella – Marshmallow

Caramel and Sea Salt S’mores

Graham Crackers – Milk Chocolate – Caramel Square – Sea Salt – Marshmallow

Death By Chocolate S’more

Chocolate Graham Cracker – Dark Chocolate – Chocolate Marshmallow

Black Forest S’more

Chocolate Graham Cracker – Chocolate – Cherry Pie Filling – Marshmallow

Fluffernutter S’more

Chocolate Graham Cracker – Peanut Butter – Marshmallow

Churro S’more

Cinnamon Graham Cracker – Dulce De Leche – Marshmallow

Samoa S’mores

Graham Cracker – Milk Chocolate – Caramel Square – Toasted Coconut – Marshmallow

Strawberry Nutella S’more

Chocolate Graham Cracker – Nutella – Sliced Strawberries – Marshmallow

Chocolate Strawberry S’more

Graham Cracker – Sliced Strawberries – Chocolate (white or milk) – Marshmallow

Caramel Apple S’mores

Graham Crackers – Granny Smith Apple Slices – Caramel Squares – Marshmallow

Banana Split S’mores

Graham Cracker – Chocolate – Banana – Sliced Strawberries – Marshmallow