15 Campfire Desserts Kids Can Make On Their Own

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It’s no secret that all kids love s’mores, but sometimes you want to add a little bit of variety to your camping dessert menu. When you’re camping with kids you need to know that they’re going to expect that you have a camping dessert planned a majority of the time.

young girl eating smores

We don’t do dessert very often at home we like to make our camping trips a little extra special, and I’ve learned that having a family-friendly camping dessert a few times on each campout with kids helps to make I put a little bit more exciting for everyone.  

 My favorite thing about camping dessert recipes, is it most of them are pretty basic. In fact we’ve narrowed our camping dessert recipe list down into a list of camping desserts that kids can make on their own, so that as a mom, my camp cooking is even easier.

camping desserts kids can make

 We love campfire camping desserts in our family and everyone agrees that dessert tastes better when cooked over a campfire.

 To simplify your camping desserts, I recommend always having foil, wet wipes and paper towels on hand. Many of the desserts were mentioning below can be made without much mess inside foil, or easily cleaned up with paper towels. Of course, the wet wipes are for your sticky kids so they don’t go into the tent and get marshmallow all over their sleeping bag.

camping desserts kids can cook alone

 Campfire safety for kids

Before you let your kids make their own campfire desserts, teach them a little bit of camp fire safety.  Here are the basics of kid campfire safety:

  • No running around the campfire.
  • If you put a stick in the fire, it stay there.  No waving flaming torches around camp.
  • Keep your distance from the fire.  Stay far enough away that you can’t accidentally fall in.
  • If you need to put something on the fire, make sure that an adult is watching you. 
  • No rough play or pushing around the family campfire.
family campfire

Campfire desserts kids can make on their own.

Our family loves finding camping desert recipes kids can make on their own.  It gives the kids a sense of accomplishment AND they love the taste as well.

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Camping Dessert Recipes For Kids

Looking for camping desserts that kids can make? Our list of camping dessert recipes for kids is just what you need. All of these recipes below are for desserts kids can make while camping, either on their own or with a little adult supervision.