7 Incredible Kids Camping Chairs

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If you’re planning on camping with kids, one must have item on any camping trip is camping chairs.

Even if you’re camping in an RV or will have a picnic table, camping chairs allow everyone a comfortable seat around the campfire and give you space to spread out as well. Through the years, we’ve had dozens of camping chairs in our family. Some of them are small and lightweight, others are heavy beasts, and of course our favorite camping chairs are the ones that the kids can play HARD on and they still hold strong.

If you’re looking for a lightweight camping chair for kids, there are tons of options. When buying kids foldable outdoor chairs, consider how portable and stable they are for convenience and safety. And you don’t have to compromise style, either! From comfort to personalized colors, your kids will be excited to have a “big kid” chair of their own.

If your children aren’t at the “big kid” stage yet, a baby highchair for camping is a great option since it can be used for mealtime as well as playtime. These chairs will bring the safety and utility of highchairs but in a lightweight and portable package — perfect for camping!

Can kids use adult camping chairs?

Oftentimes, parents are looking to save a few dollars and get their kids an adult camping chair.  While kids can technically sit in an adult camping chair they are not ideal for younger kids.  Camping chairs are less stable than a regular chair, so they tip over more easily.  If you’re like us, camping chairs are mostly used when we’re eating meals or hanging out around the campfire. 

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When young kids sit in an adult camping chair, they often tip over when they’re getting in or out, which can often mean a spilled meal, or worse, a tumble into the fire.  For safety, we recommend that all kids ages 5 and under sit in kid-specific camping chairs.  Once our kids are about age 8 or 9, they usually transition to an adult camping chair to accommodate their taller bodies.  

Top Features In The Best Camping Chairs For Kids

Before you jump right in and buy the first kids camping chair that you see, first consider a few different things.  First of all, what is the age of your child?  If you have a toddler, you may want a baby camping chair with a tray so that it doubles as a highchair and gives them a solid place to eat.   

If your kids are a little bit older consider getting a kids camping chair with a carrying bag so they can help move it around and be responsible for setting it up and taking it down.

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Here are our favorite camping chair features for kids:

  • Carrying bag
  • Cup Holder (a small feature, but a lifesaver!)
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Sunshade (perfect if you’ll be at the lake or beach)

Here are our favorite camping chair features for babies:

  • Plastic food tray for easy cleaning
  • Easily wipeable seat to clean up spills
  • Stable so baby can’t tip it over
  • Folds up small for easy transport

Best Kids Camping Chairs Review

While it’s tempting to run down to Walmart for a cheap camping chair, that may not always give you the best quality or the most features in your kids camp chair. Below are our favorite camping chairs for kids to help you have a great time on your next family camping trip.

Overall Best Kids Camping Chair
Coleman Kids Quad Camping Chair

These kids folding chairs for camping are a staple for outdoor adventures, and are the safest kids camping chairs we’ve found. With a locking mechanism, this camping chair won’t fold up on itself if it accidently gets tipped over, making it safer for kids.

With two colorful fabric options, blue and orange or pink and purple, your kids will have their very own, special seat around the fire. These small camping chairs for kids are made with durable polyester and a strong steel frame that locks securely in place. The lower seat makes it easy for kids to get into and prevents tipping over. Best part — the chairs come with a built-in cup holder to keep juice and water within arms reach. 

Best Features Coleman Quad Camping Chair

  • Kids foldable outdoor chairs come with a carrying bag and weighs on 4 lbs
  • Extra sturdy from the lower seat design and locking steel frame
  • Two bright and fun color choices: Blue and Orange or Pink and Purple!

Best Kids Canopy Camping Chair
Kelsyus Kids Outdoor Canopy Chair For Kids

If a shady spot is hard to come by, then this chair is for you! It comes with a built-in and adjustable canopy that provides 50+ UPF protection. This chair even looks impressive. No need to worry though! This extra shade won’t add hassle for storing or travel. When you fold it down the canopy becomes a carrying case secured by two snap-lock buckles. It’s so light that even the kids can carry it! 

Best Features In The Kelsyus Kids Canopy Chair

  • Small camping chair for kids disassembles and folds down compactly, only weighing 6 lbs
  • A low seat design and adjustable canopy makes this a sturdy place for kids to rest
  • A cool blue color and handy cup holder makes a perfect lounge spot 

Best Lightweight Kids Camping Chair
Trekology Portable Camping Chair Ultralight 

If you’re gearing up for a backpacking trip, then you’ll want these ultra-light kids folding chairs for camping. They’re made from strong nylon and aluminum alloy, but weigh just over 2 lbs. The youth camping chair becomes super compact — perfect for packing and carrying a distance to campsites. And the design makes this a great choice for children. The seat is deep and low, which is easy for kids to get into and get comfy. The same chairs are also available for adults, which means it won’t be outgrown. You’ll be able to use this lightweight camping chair for kids for adventures in years to come. 

Best Features In The Trekology Ultralight Camp Chair for Kids

  • Ultra-light and compact kids foldable outdoor chairs: 2 lbs and packs into a 11 x 4 x 6 inch carry bag
  • A low and deep seat makes this easy to climb into and sit back without tipping 
  • Kids foldable outdoor chairs come in a sporty black with bright orange trim

Wilcor Kid Folding Camp Chair For Kids

These chairs are so fun with their adorable characters that your kids will be excited to sit back and relax! They come in three adorable animal options: a bear, moose, or dog. The animal face smiles on the back of the chair. And the chair is complete with fun ears or antlers sticking out the top, and little paws on the arm rest! These are perfect for small kids, since it is low to the ground and keeps them secure. They will enjoy the built-in cup holders and can even help carry it using the convenient bag. These are sure to keep the smiles going around the campfire!

Best Features Of The Wilcor Animal Camp Chair

  • A carry bag to store and pack at only 3 lbs — a lightweight camping chair for kids
  • A low seat with sturdy arm rests for easy and secure seating 
  • Kids folding chairs for camping that come in three adorable animals: a black bear, a moose with antlers, or a puppy with a blue collar

KIDS ONLY Beach Baby Umbrella Chair

Who can resist this adorable kids camping chair with an umbrella? These kids folding chairs for camping will keep the family ready for hours of play! Kids can take breaks and snacks while shaded by the removable umbrella. You can easily take the umbrella off for evenings around the campfire. A perfect combo chair! There is a built in cup holder and carrying bag, so your essentials are covered. In this fun aqua colour, this small camping chair for kids is a fun addition to your family outdoor parties.

Best Features Of The Baby Beach Umbrella Chair

  • Easy to disassemble and folds into its own tote, and lightweight camping chair for kids weighing only 3 lbs
  • Youth camping chair made from nylon and steel that integrate a safety lock system for stability 
  • A vibrant aqua colour and classic umbrella perfect for beaches or outdoors

Best Baby Camping Highchairs

A baby highchair for camping is a must have for our family. My kids are all VERY messy eaters as well as very active, so for meal time, they need their own child camping chair with tray to help contain them and their messes. Having a baby camping high chair can also make camping with a baby much less stressful since it can help give mom and dad a break during camping mealtimes.

baby camping highchair

Overall Best Baby Camping Chair
Baby Delight Go with Me Chair With Sun Canopy

This baby camping chair hasn’t missed a thing and we can easily say this is the best baby camping chair we’ve ever seen! It comes fully equipped with a hard plastic eating tray, a sunshade canopy, and a five-point buckle belt. Its soft seat makes it comfortable for babies to sit in for long periods of time. The best part is that everything is removable and adjustable. This makes cleaning super easy. Not only that, but as your babies grow you can open leg flaps into a seat for supported standing, or remove the harness and tray to transform it into a “big kid” seat. And of course, the whole thing can fold down and fit inside an easy-to-carry bag.

If you’re looking to get one camping chair that can take your child from baby until they’re a teen, this is the chair to buy. This child’s camping chair with tray makes it easy for baby to use, and the camping chair tray makes meal time and playtime so much easier.

Best Features in The Baby Delight camping high chair

  • Camping high chair for baby that only weighs 6 lbs, is easy to disassemble for travel, and adjusts to your child’s size
  • A wide and sturdy base that can support your child as they grow (up to 75 lbs)
  • Large sun shade and five colors: grey, carbon camo, deep blue, pink, or teal

Ciao! Baby Portable Outdoor Camping High Chair

A lightweight and durable necessity for when you bring your baby camping. This is a baby high chair for camping is free standing and requires no assembly. It simply folds open like an adult chair, but with all the added features needed to keep your baby safe and comfortable. The chair is equipped with a five-point buckle belt and a wrap around tray. Your baby will be secure with a convenient place to eat. The chair is made using strong canvas, and the tray has an extra layer of clear vinyl for an easy wipe clean. There is also a built in a cup holder, pouch, and leg rest. The whole thing will fold down and fit in a carry bag that’s perfect for camping trips and beach days. 

Best Features of The Ciao Portable Camping High Chair

  • Only 8 lbs and collapses in seconds into a carry bag
  • A locking system that secures the base and a five-point harness 
  • Durable grey material coated in clear vinyl to wipe clean and prevent stains