Best Camping Table Cloth Buying Guide

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As with most families, it can be a challenge to find free time together and the possibility to make the best of it too. If you happen to come across an opportunity, try not to pass it by and take that holiday you deserve!

Camping can be an exhilarating experience, and it’s all quite accessible. All you need to do is pack your bags and head to the site closest to you to bask in the wonders of nature.

However, it can become a hassle if you have to micromanage every little thing for camping, from deciding what sort of matchsticks you should bring, all the way to the camping tablecloth you should get.

If you are planning on going on a camping trip anytime soon, and find yourself stuck in a dilemma -don’t worry! Here you can find all the information you can find regarding camping tablecloths of any kind.

Why Use a Camping Tablecloth?

A picnic table with red and green camping table cloth

One of the most important parts of a tablecloth is the material it is made with

What could have been a marvelous trip, can end up in disaster if your camping table cloth is simply not suitable for rain. So regardless of what area you live in, it is never a bad idea to stay fully prepared.

To avoid mishaps like these, researching beforehand goes a long way, like looking for details such as whether the fabric you’re planning to buy is itchy, if it allows easy stain removal, or even if the patterns of the camp tablecloth are to your aesthetic liking.

Choosing the best tablecloth for camping requires a lot of research. Whether you take a vinyl camping tablecloth or a polyester one, if you aren’t completely satisfied with the products you get, your camping experience won’t be the best either.

Compared to an indoor tablecloth, a camping tablecloth is pretty different. An outdoor tablecloth is more likely to be well equipped for harsh weather and be able to hold its own when it comes to stains, which is why you must take a picnic tablecloth the next time you go camping! Another important thing to keep in mind is some camping chairs so that you can enjoy camping to its fullest!

How To Prevent A Camping Tablecloth From Blowing Away

A glamping table draped with blue camping table cloth

One of the easiest ways to avoid your camping table cloth from blowing away is to get one with elastic around its border. This will allow you to secure your picnic tablecloth to the table you use it on. Another way is by attaching tablecloth clips on your camp tablecloth and table for a more secure crease-free spread as compared to using elastics.

However, if you don’t wish to spend extra money on clamps and elastics, you can also use a heavier set of cutleries to prevent your camp tablecloth from blowing away, although it will only add more load on your baggage. However, you can also use heavy rocks you find on your trip as well, though these weights may not be as secure in case of a storm or windy weather.

Best Features To Look For


Unlike an indoor tablecloth, a picnic tablecloth needs to be able to withstand rough use, especially if its users are frequent when it comes to camping -no one wants to get a new camping tablecloth every time they go out!

Picnic table cloth set on the grass


One of the most practical features to have in your tablecloth is to make sure they are wipeable. This will not only ensure that cleanup is quicker and easier than ever before but also allow a crease-free presentable picnic tablecloth any time you use it.


Another great quality for an outdoor tablecloth to have. With a waterproof tablecloth, you no longer have to worry about spills or permanent blotches forming on your tablecloth, as any substance can be wiped or washed off with a single swipe.

Stain Resistant

Although this may not be able to provide maximum protection from stains and blemishes, outdoor tablecloths with stain-resistant features can prevent long-term marks at least until you get to wash them properly.

Best Table Cloth For Camping

Blue Cherry Blossom LITOCLOTH

Made with oilcloth, this LITOCLOTH technology is one of the best options when it comes to choosing the best tablecloth for camping. It features antibacterial qualities, along with being strong and resilient enough to not let the beautiful blue cherry blossoms wither away with time. Along with that, this tablecloth has been tested all around the world to ensure that regardless of where you are, your tablecloth will never be too small!

The material of the LITOCLOTH is also waterproof, meaning with this one you are sure to have a stain-free time. Moreover, you will receive a drawstring bag to keep your tablecloth in, along with straps to attach it to the tabletop as well!

Other Great Camping Table Cloths

JADD Vinyl Oilcloth Table Cloth

This vinyl camping tablecloth also contains oilcloth, which means that even if you spend time in the big and scary outdoors, your makeshift dining table will always be safe. In addition to this, the material is also made of PVC plastic, so your tablecloth will not only be completely spill-proof and durable, the edges won’t fray either.

The design itself is rather chic, with a pattern of quatrefoils in front of a classy grey backdrop, allowing you to feel like you are home, regardless of how far away you are!

Vinyl Oilcloth Table Cloth

Vinyl camping tablecloths are certainly the craze, and they surely deserve to be! With water-resistant and durable qualities, tablecloths made with this material are fit for camping activities.

This table cloth also contains PVC Waterproof Plastic, making all your worries about spills and stains wash away as easily as it does with actual stains. To give you a better and more lively camping experience, this square tablecloth comes in a pattern with multicolored birds on tree branches, giving a minimalist and pretty yet wild look!

Washable Camping Table Cloth 

With the cutest design, even the most unwilling kiddos will want to get out there and go on an adventure. If you want to encourage your children to go out, this is probably the best tablecloth for camping, all because of its cute designs which are cartoons of dinosaurs and tents to create a camp-like theme!

 It is made with a waterproof polyester fabric that is environmentally friendly as well, so you can truly feel one with nature. Along with that, the tablecloth also comes with hand-sewn edges to make sure that no matter how many times you use it, it will always be safe from wear and tear!

HOMBYS Outdoor Camping Table Cloth

Let yourself have the true retro experience with this blue and white checkered tablecloth! Since it is made with polyester, you don’t need to worry about damaging it at all, as it is not only lightweight but strong as well.

Eating outdoors will no longer be a hassle as any stains can be wiped off with a rag. On top of that this tablecloth also comes with elastic leather straps to secure it to the table without having to worry about getting weights to hold it down!

SPMIZ Stripe Table Cloth

Here is a multicolor spring-themed, rectangle tablecloth for you to take on your next camping trip. With colorful stripes all around you may not blend in completely with nature, but you will have a marvelous time for sure!

Since this one is made with Polyester, you don’t need to worry about any wrinkles forming no matter how long it’s been bunched up in your travel backpack. Along with that, cleanup will not be an issue either, as all you need to do is swipe down a wet rag and all your worries are gone!

Yafe Vinyl Elastic Table Cloth

This vinyl camping tablecloth is yet another checkered one in the collection, this time in black and white.

It is a pretty tight fit and thick rectangular tablecloth, allowing you to have your dinner without needing to hold down the edges. It is also waterproof and oilproof, so if you are clumsy you don’t have to worry about staining your new tablecloth at all!

DII Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Table Cloth

This vinyl tablecloth can also be considered to be the best tablecloth for camping, as it is not only made with 100% waterproof PEVA Vinyl, but it also comes with a flannel backing which can ensure that no matter how wild your trip gets, your precious tablecloth will not end up with any scratches!

It comes in a cool geometric grid-like design, which gives it the true picnic feel for your camping trip. Along with that, it also resists stains and spills, so no need to be careful with the foods you eat!

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants to be picking up individual crumbs after a camping meal instead of watching the sunset paint the sky in glorious colors, especially on your vacation!

If you are planning on going on a camping adventure any time soon, make sure to grab the best tablecloth for camping to make your experience stress free. 

With a large variety to choose from, a picnic tablecloth can surely make it easier for you to manage your stains and spills, along with giving you a true picnic and outdoor experience!